A palm-sized spider crawls its way across the floor and hops onto a man’s shoulder. This creepy-crawly is anything but that in AR Murugadoss’s Spyder. The six-legged robot with mechanical pincers for legs occupies more screen space than Mahesh Babu in the movie’s first teaser.

Spyder is a bilingual (Tamil-Telugu) spy thriller that sees the Telugu star as an intelligence bureau officer. The September release marks the first collaboration between Murugadoss and Mahesh Babu. SJ Surya plays the antagonist, and Bharath, Nadhiya, Rakul Preet Singh and RJ Balaji are in supporting roles.

The spider has tiny light bulb for eyes and prances off its motorised cube to climb on the hero intent at work. The 74-second teaser does not give much away about the movie’s plot – for that, there will be the trailer.

The teaser was to have been released on May 31, but was delayed after veteran filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao’s death. Made over a reported budget of Rs 100 crore, Spyder is being marketed as a high-octane film with numerous stunts. Mahesh Babu has reportedly performed the stunts without body doubles, according to the Hindustan Times.