Most women have experienced cajoling from their tailors – “Ek din aur lagega” or “Extra kapda lagega” seem to be their pet phrases.

The short film from Pakistan Darzi ki Marzi offers an explanation for this universal inability to meet deadlines. An apprentice tailor is busy at work, trying to prepare clothes in time for Id, when he is reprimanded by a senior tailor, “Are you crazy? You want to give a customer his Ramzan suit on time?”

The young Padawan is taught the tricks of the trade by the master tailor, played by National Academy of Performing Arts actor Nazarul Hasan. The senior also shares tailor conspiracies with his trainee.

The four-minute parody by comedian Faheem Azam hilariously touches upon a singular topic of misery among most women, especially during festivals and weddings. It reminds women that the next time their tailor asks you for more time or more cloth, the Illuminati may be involved.

Darzi Ki Marzi.