The seemingly safe American suburb from A Serious Man. The average citizen who gets in deep with the bad guys in Burn After Reading. Nothing going according to plan, as in every Coen brothers movie. The new trailer of Suburbicon, written by Joel and Ethan Coen, directed by George Clooney and starring Matt Damon, looks very familiar indeed.

The movie is set in 1950s America. Damon stars as Gardner Lodge, a family man who is in debt to mobsters. He lives in Suburbicon, described in the trailer’s beginning as a “town of great wonder and excitement filled with the promise of prosperity for all”. When the mob creates havoc in his family, Lodge is forced to turn Straw Dogs on the perpetrators. Julianne Moore and Oscar Issac co-star in what will be Clooney’s sixth directorial venture after The Monuments Men (2014) and The Ides of March (2011).