Hollywood studio Lionsgate Films will begin producing films in India soon, said a report in Mint. Known for such productions as The Day After Tomorrow (2004) The Hunger Games (2012) and La La Land (2016), the company has set up its office in Mumbai and will announce its management team in a few weeks, added the newpaper.

“Lionsgate’s India debut comes at a time when many Hollywood studios are either slowing down their Bollywood operations or completely shutting shop,” added the report, quoting the example of Disney, which has decided to stop producing Hindi films.

“Is it a good time to invest in Bollywood? Yes and no,” a studio employee told Mint. “Different people have different models. When companies shut down, it’s a reflection of their own strategy and what they want to do, or do not want to do. I don’t think it’s a reflection of the market.”