While the writers and producers of HBO’s megahit Game of Thrones might be hard at work developing at least four spin-off series, fans are already a step ahead. A new fan-made trailer titled Westeros The Series hit YouTube this week.

It is set in the future, which is our present, the age of contemporary technology. Where instead of ravens, they can send instant messages; instead of the Library at the Citadel, there is the internet; instead of the Wall, there is talk of building one.

This edgy trailer for Westeros The Series has been created by the people of the YouTube channel of the same name. There is Prime Minister Lannister standing on a podium (complete with the Lannister sigil) addressing rumours about the North: “I can assure you, there is nothing to fear. There is nothing behind the wall.” There is a shot of the statue of the Titan of Braavos (with modern-day windmills around it) which has been destroyed. And, of course, there are dragons.

Ecstatic fans on Reddit could not stop fawning over the video, which looked like the “real deal” and not just a fan-made trailer, according to one Reddit user. Another fan commented: “This would be the only kinda sequel I care to see. Jumping forward another 8,000 years to the next ‘long winter’.”

Westeros The Series.