Netflix recently demonstrated that legal notices can also make for entertaining reading. In an unabashedly nerdy letter that discards legalese to embrace cheekiness, the digital entertainment platform has asked an unauthorised Stranger Things themed pop-up bar in Chicago to close its shutters.

Dubbed Upside Down after the alternate reality featured in Netflix’s sci-fi horror show, the pop-up bar opened in mid-August. The owners reportedly hoped to keep it operational until the end of October.

“Look, I don’t want you to think I’m a total wastoid, and I love how much you guys love the show. (Just wait until you see Season 2!) But unless I’m living in the Upside Down, I don’t think we did a deal with you for this pop-up,” the letter reads.

Even as the lawyers firmly ask the owners to not to extend the pop-up beyond its six-week run ending in September, they do not lose their penchant for levity. “We love our fans more than anything but you should know that the demogorgon is not always as forgiving. So please don’t make us call your mom,” their letter concludes.

Stranger Things was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016 to widespread critical acclaim. The second season will premiere on October 27.