Super 30, the biopic on Indian mathematician Anand Kumar starring Hrithik Roshan, will be released on November 23 next year. Produced by Phantom Films and Reliance Entertainment, the film will be made by Queen Director Vikas Bahl.

Kumar is known for his Super 30 training programme, which coaches underprivileged children in Bihar for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institute of Technology. Kumar’s work was also featured in a documentary aired on the Discovery Channel in 2009.

“I am happy that Hrithik will play me because he is the best choice for the role,” Kumar had told Mumbai Mirror in September. “His dedication towards his work and the kind of versatility he exhibits as an actor is very inspiring. Being a rooted and passionate person myself, I feel that he will bring an emotional depth to my life on screen.”

Bahl had earlier told the media that he was “excited” to be telling Kumar’s story. “Fighting circumstances, lack of resources and the system that only wanted to pull him (Kumar) down, he is the true hero of today’s India,” he said.