Trade analyst Kamaal R Khan has threatened to commit suicide if the suspension of his Twitter account is not revoked. In a press release put up on the Twitter handle KRK Box Office, Khan claimed that he was “depressed” because his account had been suspended. “I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singhto restore my account within 15 days,” Khan said in the press release. “1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won’t restore my account, I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death.”

The failed actor and self-styled critic, who lives in Dubai and launches his attacks on Bollywood from there, has been a thorn in the film industry’s side for several years. Khan has put out sexually loaded tweets in the past, especially targetting Deepika Padukone, made scurrilous allegations against filmmakers and actors, and taken immense pride in demolishing the week’s releases through his video reviews. The deathblow for Khan seems to have been a tweet that revealed the climax of the Aamir Khan-production Secret Superstar. He had also launched a tirade against Aamir Khan and his wife and co-producer Kiran Rao: “If u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children.”

After a complaint from the star, Kamaal R Khan’s account was suspended.

In an earlier press release, Khan had threatened legal action against Twitter for suspending his account. “I have spent four years and lots of money to build my six million followers account on Twitter,” he stated. “Therefore, I will definitely go to court against Twitter to ask them to reimburse me the money and time I have spent on my account so far.”

Khan’s dramatic suicide threat led to a slew of schadenfreude-laced tweets.