Chance the Actor (sorry, Rapper) is not only a Grammy-winning artist, but is now also starring in his first feature film – a slasher movie secretly filmed in 2016 by A24, the production house responsible for Oscar-winner Moonlight.

The film, appropriately called Slice, sees Chance as “an enigmatic outlaw framed for a killing spree that targets unsuspecting pizza delivery boys”.

That was all anyone knew – and also that there may be a werewolf involved – until a teaser was released a short while ago. The teaser is based on a popular video game called Line Rider in which a man on a sled glides across lines you draw.


But to make things even more interesting, a YouTube user called DoodleChaos made a meticulously-synchronised video called “Line Ride –Mountain King”, which played out the high-speed, line-drawing antics to Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.


DoodleChaos’s video went viral a few weeks ago, and he even commented on the remarkably similar trailer for Slice – they even retained the song – acknowledging that the video was “fair use”. Yet, AV Club reports them saying, “I just find it interesting they never mentioned my video as a source of the idea,” adding that they were “surprised I was never told about this being made.”

The movie, meanwhile, is slated for release in 2018.