Actor Aamir Khan did not quit Mahesh Mathai’s film, a biopic of Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, because of the script, said Anjum Rajabali, the script writer of the project. carried a report on Saturday that Khan had exited Mathai’s project because of creative differences with the team. Rajabali has said that while Khan has opted out of the film, it is not because of the script. “Since I have written the script of the film based on the life of Rakesh Sharma, India’s only cosmonaut, I happen to know that Aamir didn’t opt out of the film because of the script, or for any creative differences with anyone,” said Rajabali. “He has repeatedly emphasised that he loved the script. While I cannot reveal why Aamir had to disengage from the project, I do know that his reasons had nothing to do with the project itself.”

Mathai’s film, reportedly titled Salute, will be produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur. Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian astronaut to travel to space.