Modi Ka Gaon, a tribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policies, has been retitled Modi Kaka Ka Gaon. The movie was supposed to have been released before the Gujarat Legislative Assembly election, but will finally be out on December 29.

Produced by Bharatiya Janata Party member CA Suresh Jha and directed by Tushar Amrish Goel, Modi Kaka Ka Gaon features Modi lookalike Vikas Mahante as Nagendra, the prime minister who transforms India through his policy decisions, including demonetisation.

In an interview with Scroll,in, Jha had said that movie hoped to dispel doubts over Modi’s performance. “The message of the film is that Modiji’s thoughts are very straightforward and clear,” Jha had said. “His vision about India is very clear and it is that India should get what it deserves and that the Indian public should not be wronged.”

The movie was initially rejected by the Central Board of Film Certification, and was certified only after obtaining a no-objection certificate from the Prime Minister’s Office and muting the word “Uri”, a reference to the terrorist attack on an Army camp in Kashmir in September 2016.

Modi Kaka Ka Gaon.