Amazon Prime Video has announced a new reality web series, Skulls & Roses, in collaboration with celebrity television producers Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman.

The adventure-themed series will see participants form couples that will be pitted against one another in two situations: Rose Island and Skull Island. The idea is to see whether the “instinct to love or the instinct for self-preservation” prevails in the end, according to a press note.

The show will be hosted by the twins Ram and Lakshman of Roadies fame. “In today’s age of dating apps, young couples are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the problems of a committed relationship,” Ram said in the press note. “Consequently, more & more youngsters are making ‘stress-free’ life-choices of self-love & self-growth. This generation is increasingly facing a dilemma of ‘we vs me’. Skulls and Roses magnifies both aspects of this dilemma as well as the consequences of their choices.”

Applications for the show are now open and people above 18 years of age are permitted to participate.