Manju Warrier’s Mohanlal is a tribute to the eponymous Malayalam star through and through. Directed by Sajid Yahya, the Malayalam film will be released during the Vishu festival in April.

The trailer, posted by Warrier on her Facebook page on Wednesday, shows the actress as Meenukutty, an ardent Mohanlal fan who has grown up on a steady diet of his films. From lovingly cutting out pictures of him for her scrapbook to weeping when the actor delivers impassioned lines, Meenukutty’s admiration for Mohanlal covers a spectrum of emotions.

“But this is anything but a sob story,” says Meenukutty, as the mood of the trailer shifts to celebratory. In the colourful montage that follows, Meenukutty, wearing sunglasses, stands in front of a cut-out of Mohanlal and blows kisses to it, imitating the actor in his 1995 film Spadikam. She then introduces other characters in the film, all embodying either a role played by Mohanlal or a reference to one of his films. The cast includes Indrajit Sukumaran, Soubin Shahrir, Salim Kumar, Anu Varghese and Hareesh Kanaran.