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BBC Earth show ‘Spy in the Wild’ gets up, close and personal with animals

The show is being aired on Sony BBC Earth from March 5.

In a forest in Senegal, a chimpanzee curiously glances at a bug-eyed bush baby – at least, that is what he thinks it is.

The creature could have had anyone fooled. It looks exactly like a African bush baby but for its single eye, which actually belongs to a highly sophisticated camera.

Sony BBC Earth’s five-part series Spy in the Wild explores the emotional dynamics in the animal kingdom through animatronic spy creatures who infiltrate families. The cameras have been placed in different locations such as Uganda, Antarctica, African Savanna, India and North America. They look exactly like the animals. The only give-away are the eyes.

“What they discover will change our perceptions of animals forever,” anchor David Tenant’s voice booms in the background as the chimpanzee licks the robot bush baby’s eye while examining its strange structure. “Perhaps they are more like us than we ever believed possible.” The series was premiered on Sony BBC Earth in India on March 5.

Spy in the Wild.

Each 45-minute episode focuses on depicting parenthood, relationships and mating behaviour among animals and birds, including wild dogs, crocodiles, prairie dogs, elephants, hornbills and penguins. In one moment, a herd of African elephants surround a baby elephant, who struggles to stand up in the mud. The little one is eventually helped by the female elephants. Capturing this beautiful moment is a spy egret bird, sitting on top of the large mammals.

Another tender moment is captured among a bunch of langurs in Rajasthan, who grieve over a motionless spy langur, imagining it to be dead. “Quite accidentally our spy creature is at the centre of something extraordinary, capturing emotions that have rarely been observed,” the voiceover declares as the langurs surround the mechanical creature.

The cameras also capture the competitiveness and turf wars that are common in the animal and avian worlds. Male Adelie penguins fight over pebbles to make nests for their female mates in Antarctica. “Females always remain faithful to their partners, but only if the nest meets their high expectations,” the narration plays out as a female penguin moves on to another mate with a better nest, sparking chaos in her colony.

Spy in the wild.
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Movies can make you leap beyond what is possible

Movies have the power to inspire us like nothing else.

Why do we love watching movies? The question might be elementary, but one that generates a range of responses. If you had to visualise the world of movies on a spectrum, it would reflect vivid shades of human emotions like inspiration, thrill, fantasy, adventure, love, motivation and empathy - generating a universal appeal bigger than of any other art form.

“I distinctly remember when I first watched Mission Impossible I. The scene where Tom Cruise suspends himself from a ventilator to steal a hard drive is probably the first time I saw special effects, stunts and suspense combined so brilliantly.”  

— Shristi, 30

Beyond the vibe of a movie theatre and the smell of fresh popcorn, there is a deeply personal relationship one creates with films. And with increased access to movies on television channels like &flix, Zee Entertainment’s brand-new English movie channel, we can experience the magic of movies easily, in the comforts of our home.

The channel’s tagline ‘Leap Forth’ is a nod to the exciting and inspiring role that English cinema plays in our lives. Comparable to the pizazz of the movie premieres, the channel launched its logo and tagline through a big reveal on a billboard with Spider-Man in Mumbai, activated by 10,000 tweets from English movies buffs. Their impressive line-up of movies was also shown as part of the launch, enticing fans with new releases such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver, Blade Runner 2049, The Dark Tower, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Life.

“Edgar Wright is my favourite writer and director. I got interested in film-making because of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead. I love his unique style of storytelling, especially in his latest movie Baby Driver.”

— Siddhant, 26

Indeed, movies can inspire us to ‘leap forth’ in our lives. They give us an out-of-this-world experience by showing us fantasy worlds full of magic and wonder, while being relatable through stories of love, kindness and courage. These movies help us escape the sameness of our everyday lives; expanding our imagination and inspiring us in different ways. The movie world is a window to a universe that is full of people’s imaginations and dreams. It’s vast, vivid and populated with space creatures, superheroes, dragons, mutants and artificial intelligence – making us root for the impossible. Speaking of which, the American science fiction blockbuster, Ghost in the Shell will be premiering on the 24th of June at 1:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M, only on &flix.

“I relate a lot to Peter Parker. I identified with his shy, dorky nature as well as his loyalty towards his friends. With great power, comes great responsibility is a killer line, one that I would remember for life. Of all the superheroes, I will always root for Spiderman”

— Apoorv, 21

There are a whole lot of movies between the ones that leave a lasting impression and ones that take us through an exhilarating two-hour-long ride. This wide range of movies is available on &flix. The channel’s extensive movie library includes over 450 great titles bringing one hit movie premiere every week. To get a taste of the exciting movies available on &flix, watch the video below:


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