The makers of the upcoming Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu-starrer October released the movie’s theme song on Monday. The video shows glimpses of the making of the song along with shots of Dhawan and Sandhu’s characters from the movie.

In the video, director Shoojit Sircar leads us to music composer Shantanu Moitra, who in turn introduces the ensemble who worked on the track. Moitra leads a choir comprising a variety of instrumentalists: Rohan Roy as the lead violinist, Ilya Ten on the cello, Sophia Kiprskaya on the harp and George Joseph on the piano and the programming of the track.

In an interview to, Sircar had said that October, scheduled to be released on April 13, explores the idea of unconditional love. The movie’s theme resonates this dreamy idea and is fashioned as a musical conversation, mainly between violins. It steadily rises and eventually settles into a high melodic note as visuals of Shiuli (Sandhu) looking at Dan (Dhawan) with anticipation play on the screen. Sircar had said that the track was composed almost a year before the film’s shooting began.

Reports said that the makers decided to release the theme after repeated requests from fans. “Yes, many fans specially reached out to us via social media as well as to Varun, appreciating the background score and asking for the end melody to be released, so we thought why not share the music with them as soon as we could! Hence the idea of just releasing the tune for fans came to us,” co-producer Ronnie Lahiri said in a statement.

October (2018).