In the Kannada short film Silk Board: A Traffic Love Story, a love story, a wedding, and a childbirth take place during a gridlock.

Directed by Santhosh Gopal, the 12-minute film revolves around the congested Silk Board junction in Bengaluru. Prakash (Rakesh Maiya) and Mithila (Suvin Annie Valson) are trapped in a never-ending traffic jam. Their eyes meet, and sparks fly. The rest of the film covers the trajectory of a feature-length romantic comedy.

In an interview with The Hindu, Gopal said that the shooting took place over a week. Silk Board: A Traffic Love Story features several moments where the protagonists have stepped out of the car to frolic in the middle of a traffic jam. “Most people there [in the jam] did not know we were shooting a film,” Maiya said. “They actually thought the proposal and wedding were true and started taking videos. Many of them congratulated us on our marriage.”

Silk Board: A Traffic Love Story (2018).