If a song features Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, it will likely have the two actors engaging in a little banter.

The repartee that has been the trademark of their songs is recreated in Badumbaa from their upcoming comedy 102 Not Out. The song, released on Wednesday, is sung and composed by Bachchan and captures the theme of Umesh Shukla’s film: of living life to the fullest, irrespective of age.

A 102-year-old father (Bachchan) urges his depressed 75-year-old son (Kapoor), to buck up. “Yaara samajh le ishaara kya bole,” sings Bachchan. “Masti mein jee lein zumba zumba”.

As a grumpy Kapoor runs away from him, Bachchan teases: “Teri life hai ek website ka form, naam has jiska chinta.com.”

102 Not Out reunites Bachchan and Kapoor on screen after 27 years. They were last seen together in Shashi Kapoor’s fantasy film Ajooba (1991). 102 Not Out will be released on May 4.

102 Not Out (2018).

The roles are reversed in the song Chal Mere Bhai from Manmohan Desai’s Naseeb (1981) – it is Kapoor who is giving life advice to Bachchan.

In the song, Rishi Kapoor’s character Sunny tries to persuade his brother Johnny (Bachchan) to give up alcohol. “Bahut ho chuki, duniya so chuki, ab maan ja nahi sar phod thaa hoon,” sings Sunny as he haplessly pursues Johnny through the streets of Mumbai.

Naseeb (1981).

The Bachchan-Kapoor repartee is at its best in Lambuji Lambuji from Coolie (1983). Iqbal (Bachchan) foils Sunny’s (Kapoor) devious plans by kidnapping his lover Deepa (Shoma Anand). Sunny expresses his frustration through the song by mocking Iqbal’s height. Iqbal returns the favour by referring to Sunny as Tinguji, or the short one. The two actors chase each other down the street, wear curious wigs and make-up and also have a dance-off to settle scores.

Coolie (1983).

It is Kapoor again who stokes the fire in Are Tajub Hai in Ajooba. Hasan (Kapoor) is baffled that Zaffar Ali (Bachchan) has never fallen in love in his life. “To kya kiya tune mere yaar,” declares Hasan before adding that Zafar’s entire life has been a waste.

Ajooba (1991).