“Starring tan suits, snowy lairs, rich guys buying things, clunky expositions and drowning”: This is how a new YouTube video describes Christopher Nolan and his cinema.

Parody and pop-culture channel Screen Junkies’ latest Honest Trailers video takes on every one of the director’s films, from his directorial debut The Following (1998) to his latest, Dunkirk (2017). The seven-minute satirical video points out the many commonalities in Nolan’s films, including crazy plot twists, intense background scores and a protagonist who is “a well-dressed white dude with brushed back hair...kind of like Christopher Nolan”, but is also brimming with admiration for the celebrated director.

Sample this tongue-in-cheek dig at Nolan’s penchant for inflicting one particular tragedy on all his characters: “Follow this intense stoic man....as he reckons with the tragedy in his past, whether it’s the death of his wife [Memento], the death of his wife [Batman Begins], the death of his wife [The Prestige], the death of his wife [Interstellar], or the death of his wife [Inception], or if Nolan really want’s to stir things up the death of his...girlfriend [The Dark Knight].”

Honest Trailers (2018).