Yash Raj Films is distributing and releasing the animated film, Hanuman vs Mahiravana 3D, on July 6 all across India, in Hindi and Tamil, in both 3D and 2D versions.

Hanuman vs Mahiravana 3D, written by Narayanan Vaidyanatan, looks at the “untold story” of Mahiravana, an evil sorcerer who rules the underworld and also happens to be Ravana’s brother. Following the defeat of Ravana by Rama in the Ramayana, the fallen ruler of Lanka summons Mahiravana to wreck havoc over Rama’s army. Mahiravana captures Rama and Lakshmana and plans to kill them at daybreak to fulfill a prophecy that will make him invincible. Hanuman races against the clock to rescue the brothers.

Produced by Green Gold Animation, Hanuman vs Mahiravana 3D has been directed by Ezhil Vendan. Green Gold Animation has also produced Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka 3D, which will be released by Yash Raj Films later this year.

Hanuman vs Mahiravana 3D.