Dumbo, the big-eared elephant who can fly from the 1941 animated classic by Disney of the same name, makes a return to the big screen in Tim Burton’s live-action production in 2019. The teaser for Burton’s Dumbo was released on YouTube on Wednesday.

The 64-minute original film revolved around Dumbo’s exploits in a circus, his relationship with his mother, and his friendship with the mouse Timothy. Burton’s film follows a different storyline, with the introduction of new characters.

Colin Farrell stars as Holt Farrier, a former horse showman and a widower who returns home from war to a failing circus. After circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) obtains a pregnant elephant, Dumbo enters their lives and changes them forever.

Besides DeVito, other Burton regulars are part of the cast, such as Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice, Batman) and Eva Green (Dark Shadows). Keaton plays VA Vandevere, Medici’s rival circus owner, and the antagonist of the film. Green plays a trapeze artist. The film is set for a March 2019 release.

Dumbo (2019).