The trailer for Eli Roth’s The House With A Clock In Its Walls reveals a magical world with a dark corner.

The Universal Pictures production stars Owen Vaccaro, Jack Black, Kyle MacLachlan and Cate Blanchett. The trailer opens with 10-year-old Lewis (Vaccaro) coming to live with his uncle (Black) in a creaky old house in a sleepy town. To his delight, Lewis learns that he has entered a world of magic, warlocks and witches. But there’s something unsettling about this enchanted world that Lewis’s uncle hasn’t revealed yet – a clock hidden in the walls, left behind by an evil warlock.

“We don’t know what it does, except something horrible,” Black’s character finally tells the boy.

Based on John Bellairs children’s classic of the same name, the gothic-fantasy, with a screenplay by Eric Kripe (Supernatural), will be released on September 21.

The House With A Clock in Its Walls (2018).