A survival competition show based on ancient ninja principles will be premiered on Discovery Channel on August 10, The Hollywood Reporter said. Ultimate Ninja Challenge has been created by Charlie Foley and developed by Foley and Vaibhav Bhatt, while the challenges have been developed by Jinichi Kawakami, who is said to be the last living exponent of ninjutsu, the Japanese art of guerrilla warfare.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The show will throw nine contestants from all walks of life into the brutally cold Pacific Northwest wilderness, where then they must complete eight missions based on the ancient laws of the Ninja. The 24-day survival challenge will include missions like traversing frigid swamps, surviving overnight on an icy glacier and even escaping imprisonment, with little to no sleep or food, to prove they can live the life of a warrior. The first set of both male and female contestants will include a UFC fighter, martial arts experts, veteran fireman and former military.” Contestants who complete all eight missions they be trained by Kawakami in the Japanese city Iga before competing for the final challenge.