The makers of Mission: Impossible Fallout deleted references to Kashmir for its India release on July 27, based on the orders of the Central Board of Film Certification.

Christopher McQuarrie’s movie, starring Tom Cruise as intelligence agent Ethan Hunt, is a global blockbuster as well as a big hit in India, where it earned a reported Rs 36 crores over its opening weekend.

It had been previously reported that the movie’s climax was set in Kashmir, where British anarchist Solomon Lane has stored nuclear weapons that he plans on detonating. The final cut released in India does not identify the region where this action takes place. A Central Board of Film Certification’s circular dated July 19 asked the makers to remove the title card at the beginning of the sequence that identified the region as “India-occupied Kashmir”.

A map of India that misrepresented the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir was also removed from the movie.

Courtesy Central Board of Film Certification.

The climax, which includes an eye-popping chase sequence involving helicopters, has actually been shot in New Zealand.

Mentions of Nubra valley and the Siachen glacier in Ladakh by Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Fergusson) have not been deleted. A fleeting mention of the Indian Army at the end of the action sequence has also been retained.

Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018).

Mission: Impossible Fallout is the sixth installment in the long-running action franchise. McQuarrie had scouted locations in India for the film, but was denied permission to shoot in Kashmir.