The directors of Wild Wild Country, the Netflix documentary series about the Indian godman Rajneesh, said that they have been approached to convert the six episodes into a scripted feature. “There have been some people interested in the feature and we’re like, ‘Awesome — go do your thing,’” co-director Maclain Way told Variety at a reception to mark the success of the series on Sunday. “We were with it for four years,” added co-director Chapman Way. “We’re ready to move on.”

Wild Wild Country, directed by the brothers Maclain and Chapman Way, explores the attempts by Rajneesh and his secretary Anand Sheela to set up a commune in Oregon in the United States of America in the 1980s. The misadventure led to Rajneesh’s expulsion from America and Anand’s imprisonment for two years on charges of attempted murder.

The Netflix series, which also appears to have been popular in India, has been nominated for six Emmy awards.

At the reception, hosted by actor Kurt Russell for the Way brothers (he is their uncle), Mark Duplass, who co-produced the series with his brother Jay Duplass, had some casting suggestions: Keegan-Michael Key from the comedy series Key & Peele Playing House as Rajneesh and and Mindy Kaling as Sheela. “Everybody sees Mindy as sweet, but she’s a f—ing killer. I know it because I’ve been on set with her,” Mark Duplass told Variety,

There are unconfirmed reports that Kapoor & Sons director Shakun Batra is working on a biopic of Rajneesh, who was known as Osho in his later years.

Wild Wild Country.