In Vishal Srivastava’s Wajood, a young trans woman finds a reason to hope that someone will recognise her for who she actually is. Written and produced by Srivastava, the short film features Pranit Hatte, Randhir Chaudhary, Madhuri Sarode Sharma and Kshitij Gera.

A woman, who is part of the Hijra community, contents herself with coveting an auto rickshaw driver from afar. When an older member of the community learns that she is secretly pining for a man, she warns the woman that being a Hijra makes her a social pariah. Daunted and shaken, the woman wonders if she will be acknowledged by society and questions if anyone will ever love her. She receives a surprisingly heartwarming answer.

Wajood has been screened at several film festivals, and can be viewed on the Bawra Majhi YouTube channel.