Pakistani-British singer Zoheb Hassan has threatened to take legal action against his sister Nazia Hassan’s former husband, Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, for announcing a biopic on the acclaimed pop singer, Dawn reported.

Hassan expressed his displeasure in a Facebook post, threatening to sue anyone involved with the film: “Anyone entertaining this individual shall be duly and legally sued by our family as he has no legal right or basis to do so. Furthermore we hold full publishing rights of all our music worldwide and any attempted infringement of our catalog shall be subject to legal cost and consequence.”

The Hassan siblings rose to fame in the 1970s and ’80s with a series of chart-bursting albums, including Disco Deewane, Star/Boom Boom, Young Tarang and Hotline. Nazia Hassan made her singing debut in Hindi cinema with Aap Jaisa Koi in Qurbani in 1980. She died of lung cancer at the age of 35 in 2000.

Zoheb Hassan has since announced a biopic on his musical journey with his sister, written by an unidentified Indian writer and directed by an unnamed Indian filmmaker. “It is a story that needs to be told keeping in mind the public interest in our music and what actually happened to Nazia Hassan,” Zoheb Hassan told Dawn in a previous interview.

Disco Deewane.