In Hamza Ali’s short film Kaaley, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s November 2016 decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes triggers a frenzied hunt for two bags of cash.

Gopal, a businessman, has just a few hours to convert his ill-gotten money before it becomes obsolete owing to the note ban. His predicament worsens when the man he had entrusted with the bags loses them. What follows is a mad chase for the money. As time runs out, the bags exchange several hands, each greedier and more cunning than the one before.

The cast includes Sunjit Akkinepally, Avinash Agarwal, Snigdha Bawa, Atul Rastogi and Suhas Barve. Kaaley can be streamed on the YouTube channel Six Sigma Films.

Kaaley (2018).