A new Netflix series ReMastered will kick off with an episode on the attempt to kill Bob Marley in 1976, Rolling Stone reported. ReMastered will comprise eight music mysteries and will be streamed from October 12 until May 2019.

The Jamaican reggae star died on May 11, 1981, from a form of skin cancer. He was 36. Among the conspiracy theories that followed his death was that he had been murdered by the Central Investigation Agency, which wanted to halt his growing political influence in Jamaica. Five years before Marley died, there was an attempt to assassinate him in Jamaica, which was never solved. The episode titled Who Shot the Sheriff? will re-open the case file.

“The attack, which took place at Marley’s Kingston mansion just days before he was scheduled to perform at a high-profile concert for peace, has inspired much writing over the years, including novelist Marlon James’ Man Booker Prize-winning 2015 work A Brief History of Seven Killings,” Rolling Stone said.

The series has been produced by the Zimbalist brothers. The directors include Barbara Kopple, Brian Oakes, Stuart Sender, BJ Perlmutt, and Sam Cullman. “Each of the 8 tracks of ReMastered seeks to reveal answers about seminal events in the lives of artists...” a Netflix press release said. The music personalities and bands who will be profiled in subsequent episodes include Johnny Cash, Jam Master Jay, Victor Jara, Sam Cooke and The Miami Showband.

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff?