The makers of Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha-starrer 96 on Tuesday released a sequence that did not made it to the final cut of the Tamil film. Prem Kumar’s breakout hit follows two childhood sweethearts who reunite at a school reunion and, over one night, ask and answer each other’s long-pending questions.

The deleted scene, uploaded on YouTube, shows Ram (Sethupathi) and Janaki (Trisha) stopping by legendary singer S Janaki’s house in Chennai during a midnight stroll. Trisha’s character is an ardent fan of the singer and was named after her. Just as she decides to take a photograph in front of her idol’s house, the real Janaki turns up and is amused to find the two of them clicking pictures outside her house. “She’s come from Singapore, she’s a fan of yours,” Ram tells the singer. “She sings really well too. And your songs, especially, are her favourite.”

The singer then invites the duo home, much to the delight of Trisha’s Janaki.

96 (2018).