The trailer of Soumik Sen’s Cheat India was released on Wednesday. Emraan Hashmi stars as the kingpin of an admissions racket that involves getting brilliant students to write engineering and management entrance exams for candidates in exchange for money.

The trailer introduces us to one such student, whom Hashmi ropes into his grand design. Hashmi’s scamster has Rohin Hood-like morals and no qualms about his plans. “I haven’t spoiled anyone’s future,” Hashmi says in the trailer. “And if I have taken money from a few rich students to fill the pockets of a few needy and deserving students, then I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Bankrolled by Ellipsis Entertainment, Emraan Hashmi Films Production and T-Series Films, the film also stars Shreya Dhanwantary in her first Hindi cinema role after web series such as The Reunion and Ladies Room. Cheat India will be released on January 25.

Cheat India (2019).