In the upcoming Kannada film Nathicharami, Sruthi Hariharan plays a young widow who poses hard-hitting questions to society. “If we talk about our physical desires directly or indirectly even in the most subtle manner, we are considered immoral right?” Hariharan’s Gowri says in the film’s trailer, which was released on Wednesday.

Written and directed by Mansore, the film follows Gowri as she tries to assert her desires while coping with her young husband’s sudden death. The film, which also stars Sanchari Vijay and Sharanya, was premiered at the Mumbai International Film Festival earlier this year (October 25 to November 1), where it competed for the Oxfam Best Film on Gender Equality Award.

The Tejaswini Enterprises production is yet get a release date.

Nathicharami (2018).