Tamil movie star Ajith has put out a statement declaring that he will not enter politics either “directly or indirectly”. In the statement issued in Tamil on Monday, Ajith said. “My participation in politics is restricted to standing in line during elections to vote. I will never ask my fans to support a particular political party or urge them to vote for a particular political party. I will not do so in future as well.”

The statement followed claims that some of his fans had joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday, The Hindu reported. The Viswasam lead actor responded, “I have my own likes and dislikes when it comes to politics. I have neither imposed my political views on anyone nor have I allowed anyone to impose theirs on mine. I have never liked my photographs or name to be associated with any political event.”

Ajith reiterated that he avoids making political statements through his movies, and had disbanded his fan clubs to avoid being linked to any party. “”Even after I took this decision, there have been certain reports associating me or my fan clubs with political events,” Ajith added. “With elections around the corner, such reports might make public think that I harbour political ambitions.”

He advised the students among his fans to “concentrate on their studies” and the professionals and businessmen to “do their duty properly, be a law abiding citizen, take care of health, forget differences and promote unity and be respectful towards others”.

Ajith also weighed in on the online debate over the box office collections of his most recent movie Viswasam, which was released on the same day as Rajinikanth’s Petta. “I have never accepted derogatory comments made against certain actors or critics on social media,” Ajith said. “The world that is watching everything will not pardon such actions.”