In cinematographer Chezhiyan’s directorial debut To Let, the life of a middle-class couple in Chennai is turned upside down when their landlord gives them 30 days to vacate their small house. The Tamil film’s trailer was released on Tuesday.

Starring Santhosh Sreeram and Suseela, To Let is set against the backdrop of an IT boom-driven spurt in real estate prices in the city in 2007. The film follows the couple and their school-going son as they navigate hardship and prejudice while hunting for decent accommodation.

The film won Best Tamil Feature at the 65th National Film Awards and a special jury mention at the International Film Festival of India in Goa last year.

Chezhiyan has worked as a cinematographer on several Tamil films including Kalloori (2007), Paradesi (2013) and Joker (2016). Produced by Zhla Cinema, To Let has been edited by Sreekar Prasad and will be released on February 21.

To Let (2019).