Mumbai police officer Abhiheet Shelar (Kay Kay Menon) has had just about enough of policing and is getting ready to apply for voluntary retirement – but the city won’t let him hang up his boots just yet.

It’s an eventful night. A woman complains that her call taxi driver (Prashant Narayanan) touched her inappropriately. The driver retorts that his passenger insulted him and his faith. An eye-witness account offers another perspective. Who is Abhijit to believe, and how is he to control his police constable, who is itching to swing his baton at somebody?

Ankoosh Bhatt’s film, written by Praya Ranjan Panigrahi, benefits from the acting experience of Menon and Narayanan. Sparsh is available on the Large Short Films YouTube channel. The cast includes Puja Gupta and Asmmita Bakshi.

Short film Sparsh.