A wheelchair-bound Taapsee Pannu has to protect herself and fight a possible home invader in Ashwin Saravanan’s Game Over. The teaser, released on Tuesday, gives glimpses of Pannu’s character, sometimes on her feet but mostly sitting in a wheelchair. Pannu’s character appears to be designing a video game. Pac-Man is referenced a bunch of times.

Things take a turn when someone won’t stop knocking on the door. In a previous interview, Saravanan said that the film has a limited cast and has been shot mostly indoors, and that Pannu will be in the wheelchair for at least 70% of the film.

Game Over (2019).

Game Over will be released in Tamil and Telugu along with a dubbed Hindi version on June 14. Saravanan has previously written and directed the Nayanthara-starrer horror film Maya (2015).

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