A new video-on-demand streaming platform myNK will bring international arthouse films to Indian audiences from June, Screen Daily reported. The platform, launched by India and Singapore-based company MinersInc at the Cannes Film Festival, will start off with over 200 films, which will including award-winners from film festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance and Berlinale.

Anurag Kashyap is a curator for mynK, which will also have web series in its inventory.

Among the international film production and distribution companies that have partnered with myNK are Fortissimo Films, LevelK, Heyou Media, and the National Film Board of Canada, among others.

myNk will be a blockchain-powered platform. Blockchain technology allows the decentralised storage and procession of data among the members on a platform. Since no single body has control over the data, it cannot be deleted or erased from the system.

According to Inc42, myNK requires the user to pay per movie, which is different from the subscription-based model of streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hotstar.

MinersInc co-founders Nitin Narkhede and Deepak Jayaram told Screen Daily, “The platform will improve transparency in reporting and prevent both piracy and revenue leakage”. Narkhede said that since the costs for creators to reach consumers becomes high, the content becomes expensive, and then, creators have to succumb to the pressure of major platforms.