The latest Terribly tiny Talkies short film Suno is based on Aseem Kaul’s story Liar. The film stars Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri as a couple dealing with a crisis in their marriage. At least, she thinks it’s a crisis. He doesn’t see anything unusual in his behaviour. She tries various ways of reaching out to him, before realising that the hard truth is the best option.

The nearly 12-minute film has been written and directed by Shubham Yogi. Sharanya Rajgopal, Studio Head of Terribly Tiny Talkies, said in a press release, “Suno is an incredibly important film for us. It’s unlike any other story we’ve attempted yet. Films have the ability to not just mirror society but also make it think. We hope this short film sparks a conversation around the lines we must draw in relationships.”

Suno (2019).