“You are not in the business of justice, you are in the business of law,” a lawyer (Akshaye Khanna) tells his rival (Richa Chadda) in Ajay Bahl’s Section 375. Tarun Saluja (Khanna) has been hired to defend filmmaker Rohan (Rahul Bhat), who is accused of raping Anjali (Meera Chopra), a junior costume assistant. Hiral Mehta (Chadda) represents Anjali in the courtroom.

The trailer gives a glimpse of the heated legal proceedings. Television news studios join the fray, and protests erupt on the streets. Tarun Saluja tries to prove that the case is a “classic example of a woman using as a weapon the very law that was made to protect her”. He is referring to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, under which a woman can accuse a man of rape, if he has sexual intercourse with her without her consent, or if the consent is produced via coercion, deception, or the woman not being in a sound mental state to give consent.

Section 375 (2019).

The story, screenplay, and dialogue are by Manish Gupta, who has previously written and directed The Stoneman Murders (2009) and Rahasya (2015). Ajay Bahl directed the cult film BA Pass (2012), in which a young man is pushed into prostitution by his lover.