While travelling in Manipur to understand how things were evolving at the intersection of the army, insurgency, AFSPA, I came across this film poster.

Imphal Dagee Chennai is about a Manipuri boy who goes to Chennai to study and falls in love with a Tamilian girl. When trouble comes their way, his inner Sunny Deol surges to the surface.

Many young people from the North East travel to Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and elsewhere to study further. They do so partly to escape the region's conflicts which put them at the risk of being picked up by police, paramilitary, army or the underground, and partly to enhance their employment prospects. But, as we know, they are sometimes treated with suspicion in these cities. Four years ago, hate messages on WhatsApp triggered an exodus among the northeasterners in Bengaluru. In this context, the film appears to offer a rival,more potent,self-image for the region's young people heading out. I had limited time in Manipur, or I would have gone scouting for a DVD. Any idea where I can get one?