Kolkata’s Barisha Club in Behala has chosen “Bhaager Maa” (Mother, Divided) as the theme of its 2021 Durga Puja pandal, according to The Better India.

The ‘pandal’ displays the figures of a woman surrounded by four children – much like the legend of the goddess Durga – holding the idol of the Durga in her lap. She appears to be sitting in a truck with her belongings scattered around her, and the vehicle is placed in no man’s land between the borders of India and Bangladesh. The creator of the figures is Debayan Pramanik.

“There is so much tension all around,” Rintu Das, the creator of the ‘pandal’ was quoted as saying. “Questions about whether maa will again have to be displaced are all very real. Will she be stuck between India and Bangladesh? Is her identity a question mark?”