For all the cat videos out there, the Internet can be a dark and creepy place, even without venturing into the deep Web. Watching the video above will quite possibly kill you in seven days. Kidding. Actually, it could, since we don't understand what this video means, but let's hope not.

The Internet is doing flips upon itself trying to figure out the cryptic puzzles in this disturbing video. Quick jump cuts of a man in a weird bird mask, in an old decrepit building, set to a jarring discordant soundtrack. Creepy on all counts. The mask, some people have speculated, is the kind worn by doctors during the black death plague in 14th century Europe, with the beak containing herbs.

The video started gaining in popularity after Johny Krahbichler from the website blogged about it, asking for help decoding the video. Krahbichler had received a CD from Poland with this video, posted to his office address.

Since then it has been discovered that the video was first put up in May 2015, by at least two Youtubers. The video above is from the user aetbx who is a Spaniard named Daniel, a Washington Post report says. In an email he has reportedly said that he received the footage from a girl whom "he didn’t previously know, who told him that she 'was sitting in the Park and found the DVD' containing the video."

Daniel, who speaks limited English, says he has “no idea” who made it. He put it up on May 9 and this is the only video on his channel. The video was also put up on the website 4chan on May 9, Krahbichler's blog says, but the person who posted it there too claims to have found the CD on a park bench. A search for it on 4chan yielded no results though.

The binary on the video apparently translates to "muerte", Spanish for death (what else?).

Krahbichler has been posting updates to his blog ever since and you can visit it here to read more. The Reddit page is rich with theories and interpretations. The music and messages are puzzles, that's for sure. The jarring noise contains within it the message "You are already dead," according to one redditor who put the sound through a spectogram.

That's not all. There are also pictures of tortured women and a message in morse code – "red lips like tenth" – which is being interpreted as an anagram for "kill the president". It also contains coordinates to the White House (like that's hard to find!). The content is too disturbing for it to be a gimmick or a PR strategy, agree most Redditors engaged in solving this conundrum.

The timing of its popularity is suspicious, coming as it does near Halloween, or All Soul's Day, which has to do with ghosts and spirits.

One of the encoded pictures, claims a redditor, is from a slasher film, which means it could be a pastiche of disturbing stuff from the Internet put together as a cryptic puzzle to make it appear smarter than it really is. It is really hard to tell what this video means and why someone put so much time and effort into making it. It could just be a student film, as someone on Reddit has pointed out. All that we know though is that the more you watch it, the creepier it gets.