An animated clip, purportedly leaked from the animated DC movie Injustice, shows superheroes Superman and Wonder Woman destroying military equipment in what they call Kashmir as they declare the region an “arms free”.

The adaptation of the video game of the same name presents Superman as a supervillain. The caped crusader goes rogue after the death of his beloved Lois Lane, thus creating differences between the members of the Justice League. Injustice was streamed in the United States on October 12. It is not available on any Indian platform for now.

The leaked clip that mentions Kashmir also shows Superman making leaders of Israel and Palestine sign some papers. “You will agree to these terms, or they will be agreed to for you,” Superman says, standing behind the leaders, who identified by the flags of their countries behind them.

Watch the trailer of Injustice here.

Injustice (2021).

The clip has raised a furore on social media. Here are some reactions from Twitter.