Ramsundar Das, a religious leader at Chhattisgarh’s Dudhadhari temple and former Congress MLA, walked off the stage at a Dharam Sansad in Raipur on Sunday after criticising the organisers for failing to object when another leader spoke approvingly of Nathuram Godse for murdering Mohandas Gandhi.

“Mahatma Gandhi has been abused on this stage,” Das said. “You greeted the statement with applause. But tell me, was he really a traitor? Remember 1947, the circumstances in which India attained independence, Gandhiji did so much for the country. That’s why he is addressed as the father of the nation. Yet this how he is spoken about?”

He added: “This cannot be our sanatan dharma nor should such a thing happen on a platform like a dharam sansad. I’m sorry if you feel bad, but I must remove myself from this event and take my leave.”

Earlier in the day, another religious leader, Kalicharan, had hailed Nathuram Godse as a hero for assassinating Gandhi.

The two-day event followed a similar conclave in Haridwar from December 17-19 at which religious leaders had called for Hindus to buy weapons to kill India’s Muslims.

An FIR has been filed against Kalicharan for making statements creating or promoting enmity or hatred between classes, and for obscene acts in a public place.