Kunwar Danish Ali, the BSP MP from Amroha, delivered a fiery speech (video above) in Parliament on genocide-mongering from public platforms becoming common in India, with those responsible not being punished. The Bahujan Samaj Party MP in his motion of thanks on the president’s address, urged the House not to normalise hate.

“Everyday hate speech is held just two kilometres away from Parliament, in which a so-called ascetic talks about killing minorities,” Ali said. “He openly brags about having committed 80 murders at the age of 83, but no action has been taken against him. Delhi Police is not doing anything, instead it is targeting journalists who are showing the truth.”

Underlining India’s plurality and unity in diversity, Ali said, “Stop terrorising people, you can’t turn a big section of the society into second-grade citizens. Our forefathers have made sacrifices for this country, for this country’s freedom. You didn’t have a role in history, you’re just working to alter the history…you can change names of buildings and roads and gardens, because you don’t have your own history. Hence you can’t tolerate the history of others.”

Watch his full speech: