A video (above) of a young girl from Lohai-Malhar village in the Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to build a better school has gone viral on social media. Identifying herself as Seerat Naaz, a student from the local government high school, she highlighted the plight of students.

“Modi ji, you listen to everyone, so please listen to me as well today,” Naaz said. “Look how dirty the floor is. They make us sit here on the floor...We don’t even have benches here, our uniforms get dirty.”

A day after the video went viral, Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary for the school education department, Jammu and Kashmir verified the video and said her claims are genuine. Kumar said the contents of the video are “not far from truth, and in fact, approximates the actual and real condition of the school,” according to ANI.

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