Creating a sensation while accepting the award for Best Documentary at the 2024 Berlin International Film Festival, Jewish-Israeli journalist Yuval Abraham pointed out that Basel Adra, the Palestinian co-director of the winning film, No Other Land, is treated quite differently from him (video above).

“We are standing in front of you,” Abraham said. “Now, we are the same age. I am Israeli, Basel is Palestinian. And in two days, we go back to a land where we are not equal… This situation of apartheid between us, this inequality, has to end.

Full speech by both directors

After the closing ceremony at the 2024 Berlinale, Abraham posted on X that he has been receiving death threats for his remarks, which have been labelled as anti-semitic by the Israeli public broadcaster, Kan. However, he asserted that he stood “behind every word” of his condemnation against Israeli aggression.