A lot of people are upset with the writers, artists and filmmakers who have been returning state awards to protest increasing intolerance in the country. Perhaps none is more angry than Hindi film director Vivek Sharma, who is behind this indignant "protest song" calling shame "dhikkaar" on filmkaar, superstar, sahityakaar, patrakaar. (You can imagine how the rhyme scheme worked out).

Sharma, director of Bhoothnath and Kal Kissne Dekha, falls squarely into the Anupam Kher camp – seeing those returning their awards as "traitors to the nation." This attitude, championed by many in government as well, has sought to label those returning their awards as "politically motivated," with the suggestion being that the claims of intolerance are a fabricated issue being used to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Although no names show up in it the video, there are enough references to figure out that he is talking about Dibakar Banerjee ("kehta filmkar hai — banata hai sex aur dhokha) and Shah Rukh Khan ("kis baat ka Khan hai?"), both of whom spoke up about attacks on minorities and an atmosphere of intolerance in the country.

The video, full of righteous indignation and heads turning to the camera to complain about traitors, ends with this message.