The Film and Television Institute has recently been in the news. Not because of its admission results, but over the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as their new chairman. There have been protests and the students have gone on an indefinite strike after hearing the news. But why all the hue and cry about this?

Gajendra Chahuhan is the same face who played Yudhishtir in the famous TV series Mahabharata in the late 80s but what people recall him is somewhat different than his Yudhishtir image. Playing lead roles in many films like Jungle Love(1986) and Khuli Khidki (1989), Gajendra Chauhan got an image of an actor who always played the role of a ‘promiscuous man’ in B-grade movies. Don’t believe us? Just try searching Jungle Love on Youtube, the key words that pop up along with the name of the film is ‘hot movie’. So, choosing Gajendra Chauhan over Gulzar and Shyam Benegal became the big question mark for everyone and many labelled this appointment as a big ‘political favour' because of Chauhan's proximity to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Here is a glimpse of Gajendra Chahuhan’s career of 34 years in the film industry.