Mulayam Singh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party and a former Uttar Pradesh chief minister, likes to celebrate his birthday in style. November 22, his birthday, was last year declared quite ironically to be "samta diwas", day of equality, in Uttar Pradesh. The flak he drew for his birthday bash last year and for the Saifai Celebrations (held in December 2013) in the shadow of Muzaffarnagar's riots, did not deter him from holding grand celebrations for his 76th birthday this year.

"Now a lot has been happening in UP recently. The law and order situation is wonderful as always. Fifty districts have been hit by drought, so naturally Mulayam Singh threw himself a massive birthday party," begins Rohan Joshi, of AIB, on Yadav's birthday celebrations.

The above excerpt taken from AIB's new show called On Air with AIB has Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya joking about several things around Yadav's birthday. There is the 76 kilo cake (since Yadav turned 76), a horse-drawn buggy (possibly left over from last year when it had been hired from London), and quite inexplicably A R Rahman. The two joke about how Rahman would fare in trigger happy Uttar Pradesh. Holding a mock conversation between Rahman and a party reveller, the composer is referred to as "Idli" and asked to play some Punjabi songs.

Terming this the "saddest" thing Rahman must have ever done, the duo speculate about how he can't withdraw after receiving half the money in advance. The show takes digs at news channels too, playing clips which detail the menu of this year's party.

The celebrations this year took place in Yadav's constituency, Saifai, where in 2013 soon after the Muzaffarnagar riots, the Safai Mahotsav, was celebrated and Bollywood actors flown in. The state leadership drew a lot of flak for their insensitivity and garish display of wealth, but Yadav just shrugged it off by saying, "When other people can see Bollywood personalities and get entertained through their performances ... why are there objections over the same for us?", PTI had reported.