You're not quite sure what you're looking at in this video, and yet for some reason it makes sense. This year will be remembered for Adele's Hello. This year is also Star Wars year, as the franchise comes back from the dead. Those two things ought to be together, no?

British-born American singer Alex Boye has combined two of the year's biggest pop culture hits and made a video that is a bit mind boggling. Dressed as a stormtrooper, Boye sings Adele's melancholic ballad, 'Hello' in the middle of a desert. It isn't a parody like most of the other videos that have taken off from Adele's song (and still won't stop coming), but seemingly a Star Wars tribute video.

It is heavily drawn from the trailer of the soon to release Star Wars film The Force Awakens, featuring John Boyega in a lead role. The track was introduced as part of the singer's Africanized Christmas" concert last Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Adele, Star Wars, a desert, and Christmas, the clues don't quite make sense beyond simply putting everything that's currently trending into one big pot and stirring.

Boye was not well known until his stint on American TV series America's Got Talent's last season, where he was eliminated in round two. Since then he has bagged several gigs. Boye has been on two American TV shows, composed a movie score and released new music.